Saturday, April 16, 2011

Royal Surprise

It was a really hard thing to keep quite for all these weeks - Victoria & Daniel were coming to Furillen and it had to remain a complete secret.
That didn't completely work, everybody who knew about it kinda talked to at least a few people and I was a bit nervous about being the possible cause of a paparazzi stampede.

Säpo (the security police) seemed to be prepared for the worst but strangely enough the couple enjoyed a whole day in complete privacy.

So now that they've come and gone I guess it's ok to blabber about it :) - and believe me - I will :)

I thought I'd be nervous about meeting royals (let alone serving them breakfast!) but I managed to have a completely relaxed conversation with both of them. I always like when people compliment me on my Swedish (or anything else for that matter) but when it comes from the Crown Princess it just feels that little extra special!
I learned that the couple only drinks still water and that they don't eat cheese. Victoria likes to sleep with the windows open and Daniel really loved the truffle omelet Luqaz made for him :)

It's the strangest thing - I feel so proud when I see Swedish flags. Always have but even more now. Why is that? Am I that easily impressed? Or does Victoria have that effect on everybody?

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