Thursday, April 28, 2011

Celebrating the small & bigger things

We all celebrate birthdays, and many of us celebrate things like Christmas,  New Year and Easter, but why stop there?

Why can't we celebrate Tuesday mornings with banana pancakes, or Thursday evenings with a romantic comedy?

I want to believe all of us are somehow working for something, a goal, a dream, but as we are so focused on the destination many of us forget to enjoy the journey.
I think I originally read it in one of Barbara Sher's books but it's common knowledge really: celebrating little steps along the way help you get there more easily! So let's do that!

I just celebrated my good results (on my Natural Nutrition coursework) with that camera I've been dreaming and talking about for ages! (I got so bouncy happy and squeaked like a little girl - the shopkeeper was very unimpressed :p)

It wouldn't hurt to become a little more creative in celebrating though ... I have my final exam coming up in a month! And then all those obstacles to overcome to be able to open my little shop at Hamra on the 2nd of June. I'll have a lot of celebrating to do!

How do you celebrate life? What are your next steps into reaching your goal? How will you celebrate those victories?

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