Friday, April 8, 2011

The little girl in me :)

I finally got some pictures of the place where I spend about 3 hours ever week - playfully 'inspiring' a 4-year old girl to speak Flemish.
Of all people, I know how scary it is to start speaking a new language - even if you understand it perfectly and know you can, it's a completely different challenge to actually open your mouth!
Our learning environment couldn't have been better though: big spaces with plenty of light, soft colours, toys in natural materials, a huge garden with plenty of trees to climb in, bugs to play with and flowers ready to come out, and to top it of - only organic food on the menu!
No surprises there - I totally feel at home at the Waldorf kindergarten :p

I wish I had pictures of my own kindergarten back home in Belgium as comparison - only vague memories remain, but it definitely smelled plastic!

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