Sunday, April 24, 2011

Glad Påsk Allihoppa!

Happy Easter everyone! 
We just got home from 4 days on Furillen and saw loads of bunnies running around along the way ... busy hiding eggs? 
It's so nice to be home after those long working days - especially for Luqaz who was the only cook on duty responsible for lunch AND dinner. Guests this time included a couple of Swedish celebrities (that I had to google beforehand so I knew who was who) and every single one of them just LOVED Luqaz' food. Luqaz himself is now also a bit of a celebrity: this is him featured in the Sköna Hem Countryside edition

The most fun part of Luqaz' job (in my humble opinion) is visiting (organic) farmers to pick up food. More local and seasonal than this isn't possible! Nowadays we hardly have a clue where our food really comes from - we're so detached from nature, aren't we? Truth is, the old-fashioned way is so much more fun! We ordered and watched while our food was being pulled out of the earth to go into our shopping basket :)

I sneaked into their greenhouse to take a look at their seedlings and young plants and learned the difference between white and green asparagus.
I just sowed some basil myself and even though I left the seeds unattended on our kitchen-windowsill for 4 days loads of tiny leaves appeared! Exciting!
I figured the best way to learn is to give it a try (internet is a very helpful teacher) - but imagine what I could learn if I worked at a farm like Lilla Bjers!
Something to keep in mind!


Zandra said...

Oh, by brother is so good. he is making me proud!:D Fancy Pancy! :D Miss you guyes!:D Btw aina, your blog in wonderful!:D xo

Aina Maj said...

Thanks dear Zandra :) I see you're a loyal visitor! I like that!
You have all the reasons to be proud of your brother. I know I am. And Alex & Amanda Schulman & Ernst Kirchsteiger said I should be :D