Sunday, May 22, 2011

Born to know each other

That's what my yogi-tea message read this morning. I couldn't find the source online but here's where it came from:

We are not born to judge each other; we are born to know each other
We are not born to hate each other; we are born to love each other.

Let's get to know each other! Let's get to know our neighbours, the baker, the shopkeeper, the mailman, the old man walking his dog past your house every morning ...

You know who I am (at least a little) ... so who are you?

Leave a message and make me smile :)


Anonymous said...

I got the same message today and at first I was a little confused but then I found your blog and your post about this message.

I think it´s more important to love each other than to know each other! Or to love each other despite we know each other. ;)

Aina Maj said...

Thank you for your comment :)
I had to read it a couple of times but I think I have to agree with you ... you can't possibly know everybody, but love shouldn't be limited to the people you do know ...
Loving someone despite knowing them ... isn't that the strangest thing? I know EXACTLY how that feels!