Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lördag Loppisdag!

It feels like the summer is in full swing now, with more and more flea-markets popping up ever weekend. Today there were 5 that I knew of ... we managed to go to 4! (Great success!)

The flea-market at the Waldorf kindergarten was a feast for the eyes. 
Pretty decoration + pretty people + yummy food + great finds = Awesome start!

 One of those pretty (awesome) people is possibly the most inspiring teenager EVER.
Good vibes all around!!

We met a couple with the coolest live-aboard-bus in the world (with a cotton candy stall at the back!!) and were allowed to peek inside :)

and ate some of the most unhealthy food in the world - what can I say - it was free :)

And we supported a good cause ... 

Gotta love Saturdays :)
I scored a lot of great bargains too. Hamra here I come!

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