Thursday, May 26, 2011

Furillen in Black & White


 For now, this will have to be the last (non-official) commercial I do for Fabriken Furillen.
At the end of the month our contract is up and we trade the North of Gotland for the South.
Time for something entirely different!

During our time at Furillen I don't think I've met one single person that wasn't impressed by this stylishly remodeled factory building and the old limestone quarry - I still have to suppress the urge to take even more pictures every time we're there (which usually fails).


Anonymous said...

Nu har du en ny läsare. Fina bilder och en fin blogg. Anna-Karin

Aina Maj said...

Tack Anna-Karin! Och Välkommen - any time :)