Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not all endings are bad ...

Tove Adman is one of Gotland's many talented artists ... and one of her many beautiful designs is now ours!!!
I've been drooling over these candle holders for such a long time now and got so happy/surprised/emotional when we got one as goodbye present today!

Thank you again, Anna-Karin & Johan!

Endings definitely don't have to be bad. I'm so energized by this change of location and change of business!
The next couple of days we'll be packing, cleaning and moving. I wish we could skip the cleaning but I really don't mind the rest ... even though I'm slightly shocked about the amount of stuff we own and probably underestimated the work just a little bit :)

Moving from a 60m2 apartment to a single room above a restaurant might be challenging, but how nice will it be to move back into an apartment in 3 months time? I'm sure we'll appreciate the space so much more :)

Check out this coffee table by the way (also Tove Adman): Isn't it completely adorable?
I think I just found something (more) to start saving for!

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