Wednesday, June 1, 2011

F&B - Fabulous & Beautiful :)

Yesterday I ordered 5 colours of Farrow & Ball paint I'll be working with this summer.

All Farrow & Ball paints are water based, eco friendly and comply with the latest EU environmental legislation regarding the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content of paints. In other words: sustainable & perfect for my workshop :)

I've worked with F&B paint before since that's the paint my mum uses in her tree houses and around the property in the South of France. She's remodeling soon so be sure to keep an eye on the website to discover the changes!

I won't reveal my choice of colours just yet. You'll see once I get them and I get started!


Jeff said...

Hi! I searched for "Hamra Krog" (I know the Ringbom family) and suddenly I realized that I know who you are (this is Jeff from Almedalsbiblioteket). Hopefully we're going to play some music in Hamra in mid-July. :)

Anonymous said...

So funny ... yesterday I ordered all the F&B ecological floorpaint for the treehouses !


Aina Maj said...

Hi Jeff from Almedalsbiblioteket! How cool that you found my blog! See you this summer!