Monday, June 6, 2011

Preview - Ainas Ateljé

Here's a little preview of how my shop now looks! Or one corner of it anyway :) 
Today was Sweden's National Day which of course meant that the postman had a day off - so I'm still waiting for my paint and my tea :) Good thing there's lots of other things to do!
I struggled with my bookkeeping program about half the day but managed to figure it out in the end, I sowed some more seeds in the hope it's not to late in the year for cilantro and chives AND I (almost) finished my first creative project (will be revealed soon).

We managed fixed our internet connection so I hope we'll stay connected for a while now - I feel so lost without news from the outside world!
News like this for example: I passed my exam!!
I got an e-mail from school saying I should call to discuss my grade. 
Didn't sound very promising now, did it?
Apparently that's Canadian humor :) I got 84%!

I tried to call you mum - thought you should be the first to hear - but there seemed to be something wrong with your phone ...


Anonymous said...

GRATTIS Aina! Du är så duktig och en härlig tjej!

Anonymous said...

wow Aina - I was in Brussels - got an unknown call and could not understand !
just wowwww ... I am really happy for you and all the difference you will be able to make with your knowledge.
Well done my daughter ! Am totally proud of you !