Saturday, June 4, 2011

Öppna Ateljéer = Artistic Roadtrip

My boyfriend's mum is on the island for a couple of days (a birthday present to her from all the kids & her sister) and just like last year when she took me along for the "Open Studio Days" in Småland, I'm taking her and her foster daughter all around Gotland.
I'm not even half as organized as she was last year but we were very successful anyway and managed to visit 12 workshops in the South of Gotland - and maybe even some more tomorrow!

Here's a tiny selection of the massive amount of pictures I took:

Relief by Svante Gärdek

Eva Hållsten's concrete bears and a superb idea I might just "borrow" some time in the future: pretty lace instead of ugly mosquito nets in front of the windows!

Coat hanger duck by sculptor Sanny Laurin

and Sanny's artistic hand right before he released this tiny bird that flew into his barn.

Maud Sundström's barn I completely fell in love with. How I would love to have a place like that! All the junk included!

Some pictures I took inside Maud's gallery - sometimes it's not the actual art that speaks to me but more the artists art of living ...

 And Charlotte Karlsson's lovely ceramics to finish! Talking about eye-candy!

What a day - I wish I already had my paint - I want to pretend I'm an artist too!!

To all you talented people who got my card today and read this post: Thank you so much for sharing your work with us and letting us peak behind the scenes a little.

You inspired me!

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